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Spend Less on Your Advertising and Still Get More Customers
Why Click Measure Pro?
Our actionable alerts tell you exactly what needs your attention. They also tell you how to improve your campaigns.

We help you Optimize your Campaigns

Optimize every aspect of your campaigns from improving quality scores to discovering keywords that really drive the right traffic. Utilizing the customizable alerts and bid recommendations you will automatically receive the information you need to get the most out of your advertising budget.
  • Taking control of your Quality Score can greatly reduce your cost per click. Our custom alert engine allows you to see immediate improvement by focusing in on the areas where you can take action to improve your scores, allowing you to out perform your competitors.
  • Receive bid recommendations that are based on goals that meet your individual needs. Customize your recommendations to meet your budget and see how quickly your ads can win the best spots.
  • We let you put your budget to work by providing the right information at the right time. Discover what your keywords are really doing for you so that you can make the right decisions on what to buy.
  • Get more traffic while spending less money!
See how easy it is to start saving money on all your ad buys with easy integration and setup. Get more traffic while spending less money!

Easy Implementation

Getting started has never been easier. Simply sign up, link your accounts and start seeing results. You may link as many accounts as you like from Google AdWords and/or Bing adCenter.
  • Trusted Security without the headaches. ClickMeasure Pro utilizes the OAuth authentication protocol to keep your data safe at all times.
  • Once an account is linked our system automatically synchronizes your accounts to keep all information up to date. You can manage all your accounts from one location.
  • Take the grunt work out of daily tasks!
Set up scheduled reporting designed to keep you informed with the right information at every step of the way. Make decisions based on real data!

Automated Analytics & Insights

Campaign management that paints a clear picture of your true ROI's allows you to control where you spend your money. Our analytics provide the right answers in real time on every aspect of your campaigns, leading to a true understanding of where to focus.

  • Reporting - Measure the performance of your ad buys with real time analytics to make informed decisions for your budgets. Real time analytics provides the opportunity to modify campaigns for success. Adjusting buys based upon performance instead of guess work.
  • Dashboards - see the most important information about all your accounts at a glance. Quickly make informed decision to adjust your campaigns for optimal performance.
  • Schedule and create custom reports delivered when you want them.
  • Data driven decisions increase your bottom line!
Understand how your campaigns are performing and what you can do to improve them. Say goodbye to wasted ad spend!

Optimize Campaigns

Research Keywords

Manage Campaigns

Analytics Reporting

Optimize every aspect of your campaign by leveraging the rating system which informs you what's working and what is not. Find keywords that work for you and quickly add those keywords to your campaigns. Efficiently manage your campaigns from multiple search engines with a single user interface. Real time analytics provides the opportunity to modify campaigns for success.
Still not convinced? We're here to help you! Let us walk through a demo customized to your business with our paid search experts.

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