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Text Ads: Optimize Your Ads For PPC

Compelling and Relevant Ads Simply Get More Clicks

Optimize your ads for PPC by keping your quality score up also means paying close attention to your click through rates. The perfect way to keep your average CTR’s up is by having the most compelling ads.

Writing enticing ad copy that also follows your keyword relevance is always a challenge. You must ensure that all your copy aligns with what your customer is expecting and is directly related to your keyword.

Headlines are especially important as this is the attention grabber. If you don’t get them hooked instantly your odds of persuading a click go downhill fast. Get their attention quick and reel them in with a great description that quickly identifies your offer.

Key Points

  • What sets you apart from the competition?
  • Why should they buy your product instead of someone else’s?
  • What do you have that no else does?
  • Describe your offer – Free Trial, Get a Demo, Free Shipping.

Keep in mind your ad will be part of a larger list. It is a good idea to pay attention to what your competitors are using so you may clearly call out what sets you apart from others in the list.


Continually test at least 2 ads for any given ad group, keeping the best performing ads while rotating new ads into the testing mix. Ads that have a higher CTR will improve your quality scores and will reduce your CPC saving you money.

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