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Improve Your Quality Scores and Save Money On Your Ads

The best way to boost your PPC Campaigns is to improve your quality scores which can save you money on all your ads. This is true not only for a specific campaign but also for your account in general.

How does your quality score affect your ad buys?

  • It can prevent your ads from being shown!
  • It can also increase your CPC – cost per click.

There has been much discussion on the topic of Quality Scores in advertising just as in Ranking for SEO it can be a rather complicated topic with many different approaches.

First, we will answer the question of why you should be interested in a “QS” and explain exactly how it affects you as an ad buyer.

The best answer is that the more you can improve your “QS” the more impressions you will receive and the less you will pay per click!

The good news, you are in complete control of your quality score. It may take a little work but you can improve your scores and start saving money with very little time and effort.

How is a Quality Score Calculated

A quality score is determined based upon several factors and can have a substantial impact on how much you pay per click as well as whether your ad is eligible to be served. Your account history has an overall impact so it is essential that you maintain high standards.

All your campaigns must sustain the highest CTR’s possible and utilize standards with the greatest relevance of keywords to ad copy while following through with properly matched landing pages. If you want to be successful at SEM (Search Engine Marketing) this is not a topic that should be overlooked by any means.

Many factors enter the equation when Google determines your quality score all of which are very important to maintain over time. Here are a few categories that you should pay close attention to in order to improve your quality score.

  • Click Through Rates (CTR) - Not only is your keyword click through rate important but your overall account history is also taken into consideration as well as your past URL’s CTR’s.
  • Ad Copy to Keyword Relevance - In other words relevance is rated on a full cycle on how relevant your keyword is to your ads as well as the relevancy to what the customer searched for.
  • Landing Page Relevance and Experience - This means how well you have designed your landing page for navigation and how relevant the content being displayed is to the keyword and ad.
  • Numerous Other Factors - There are several miscellaneous factors that also come into play mainly focused on how you compare against others in categories such as geographic, network, and targeted devices.

How can you improve your Quality Score?

Now that you understand what makes up the score let us take a look at how you can improve it.

You should follow some best practices whether you are creating a new campaign or optimizing your existing accounts.

Your keyword theme should align AND always be relevant in all 3 sections for the best score.

You should always be looking for ways to optimize your campaigns, which includes a plan for testing each element.

  • Keywords – monitor your keyword performance reports to see what themes achieve the highest ROI’s. Continually test keyword match types and add new keywords to reveal opportunities to reach your audience.
  • Ads – continually test at least 2 ads for any given ad group, keeping the best performing ads while rotating new ads into the testing mix. Ads that have a higher CTR will improve your quality scores and will reduce your CPC saving you money.
  • Landing Pages – Conversion Rates and Quality Scores should be tested. Simple A/B testing of landing pages for such items as form placement left vs. right can make a significant difference in how a page performs. Colors, images, and headlines should also have a place in your testing patterns.

You should always test one thing at a time with a continuous rotation of different tests for each area.

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