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What is PPC?

The term PPC is short for Pay-Per-Click and is most often referred to in a way to purchase advertising. It is often referenced to in paid search marketing as a general term for ad buys within search engines such as Google AdWords or Bing AdCenter.

How Does It Work?

We’ll be using Google AdWords as an example. The AdWords advertising program works as an auction based model which displays a number of ads based upon the inventory available and the winning bid.

There are two types of networks –

  • Google Search (and search partners) which displays ads on the top and right hand side of search engine results pages.
  • Display or Content Ads which display ads on partner networks typically that subscribe to AdSense. In other words you can purchase ads through the network of publishers. These can be either text ads or actual display ads.

How Do You WIN the PPC Game?

How do you get started with Paid Search?

If you are new to paid search it can be a daunting task to learn everything necessary to succeed. We are here to make that task a little easier. First we have broken down the basic account structure into the best practices which will give you a solid foundation to begin your campaigns.

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