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Exclusions: Using Negative Keywords

Reduce Wasted Spending by Eliminating the Wrong Triggers

You should monitor Search Query Reports and site reports frequently to find keywords and placements that are negatively impacting your campaigns. Pay particular attention to underperforming triggers that cause low CTR’s, as well as those that fall into the common sense category.

Negative Keywords

Poorly performing keyword can impact Quality Scores for Search Campaigns. You should add negative keywords frequently paying close attention to conflicting keywords. Using a Negative Keyword Finder Tool such as the one included in ClickMeasure Pro can greatly simplify this process.

Negative Sites

Often times you will find that certain site do not perform well for your campaigns. It is better to eliminate these triggers by creating negative sites. Look for sites that have high impressions but low click through rates or sites that drive traffic that do not convert. Create placement exclusions for any site that is not producing a positive return.

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