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Create Landing Pages That Convert

A landing page should always provide exactly what the user is expecting in an influential way that prompts that visitor to complete the call to action. Put yourself in the users place and really ask the question does this page give me the answers I’m looking for if I typed in that keyword and would I complete the call to action?

Key Points

Landing Page Elements
Landing Page Content Your headline should be absolutely clear without requiring any interpretation. Use visually catchy images and/or videos that can quickly convey your message. Keep your message short and to the point.
Collection Form The form should always be above the fold. Limit the amount of information you collect. Reduce the amount of effort required to complete the transaction.
Call-to-Action The call to action should clearly identify what it is they should do next in a way that motivates them to do so. Use trigger words such as “Free Trial” that demonstrate what they will get if they click the button.
User Experience Pay close attention to clutter. Remove all obstacles that may prevent your user from completing their task. Keep navigation to a minimum to avoid distraction and always consider load times.

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