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Campaign Organization

Campaigns are a way to organize a collection of Ad Groups. Campaigns control several elements through settings such as budget, network selection, bidding strategy and targeting settings.

A campaign structure is essential to your success. You should spend some time planning out your overall campaign strategy before you ever begin entering campaigns or you may find yourself spending a tremendous amount of time on clean-up in the future. Each campaign is a collection of Ad Groups, Ads, and Triggers. A separate campaign should be used to organize only one network type and one common theme that is relevant across all elements.

Campaign Settings

When starting a new campaign it is essential that you create the right campaign type based upon what you want to accomplish. The next step after selecting the network type is to select the proper settings beginning with standard or all features which includes ad delivery methods and all ad extensions available. If you plan on using ad extension be sure to select the ‘all features’ option.

Campaign Settings can include the following:

Campaign Options Details
Google Search Choose whether to include search partners.
Devices Ads will automatically appear on all device types unless you modify you bid at the ad level.
Location Select from several options allow you to target specific locations, countries or territories.
Languages Select from several options allow you to target specific locations, countries or territories.
Bidding Strategy Set basic or advanced options, along with your default bid and budget, which can be also be selected from the shared library.
Advanced Delivery Methods Determins whether to deliver as standard or accelerated. Standard will show ads evenly over time while accelerated will show your ads as quickly as possible until your budget has been reached.
Ad Scheduling Start - End Date, Set Specific Day or Time of Day
Ad Rotation Set rotation based upon your bid strategy.
Keyword Matching Options Exact and phrase match to include or exlude close variants.

The key point here is relevance in everything you do!

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