Using Negative Keywords – The Right Way to Reduce Wasted Spending

By Laura Kimball | Google AdWords Performance

Feb 13

One of the best ways to reduce unnecessary spend is by using Negative Keywords, especially if you are using Broad Match type for your campaigns. Your marketing plan should always be focused on getting the right message to the right audience.

Benefits -Improve your click-through rates (CTR’s), reduce your average cost-per-click (CPC) and boost your ROI!

Negative Keywords Benefits

Negative Keywords can be set at either the Account Level for keywords that are generic and will never apply to your promotions or at the Campaign or Ad Group level depending upon the provider.

There are two main reasons to exclude keyword:

  1. Keywords that you know don’t apply to your promotions.
  2. Keywords that are underperforming that may affect your Quality Score.

Google AdWords Example:

AccountAdWords Account Negative Keyword

Campaign or Ad GroupAdWords Campaign Negative Keyword

The best way to find keywords that may be eating into your budget is to use the AdWords Query Report which can be found under the dimensions tab and then selecting Search Terms in the view section.

AdWords Search Query Report

ClickMeasure Example:

There is an easier way to find those pesky keywords if you are using a campaign management system such as ClickMeasure Pro that has a built in Negative Keyword Tool which automatically provides a suggested list of exclusions.

Click Measure Negative Keyword Tool

Either way you should perform a regular check for suspect keywords that should be eliminated. Pay particular attention to underperforming triggers that cause low CTR’s, as well as those that fall into the common sense category.

We wish you the best in all your marketing efforts.

Please let us know how using negative keywords are working for you.


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