Translating the Trends

By Laura Kimball | Ad Analytics

Aug 17

Finding new relevant topics to leverage in the promotion of your product is an ongoing process. You may have the best keyword that describes your offering but if no one is searching for that particular term it’s not likely to drive much traffic. Continually researching news, search terms, and social activity should be part of your plan. Your research should be used to generate content whether it be in the form of blog articles or site content which can correlate to very effective campaigns.

Ride the wave of activity when it presents itself. Find out what your customers are talking about by searching where you know they visit. Social trends are one of the easiest to follow for real time information. When your customers are talking about a topic you should react accordingly and seize the opportunity to provide them with your own relevant information.

As trends reveal themselves it is your opportunity to add keywords that tie directly to your content.


About the Author

Laura Kimball is the CEO of Click Measure Media. She combines internet marketing with software development expertise to deliver PPC automation tools designed to save ad buyers time and money managing their campaigns. Follow on Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn