Marketing Videos

We have put together a list of our favorite marketing videos that you may find helpful! If you like them please share with others…

How Do You Win The PPC Game?

We all know that managing PPC Campaigns can be complicated and time consuming with many factors to consider Click Measure Pro can help make managing your campaigns easy..

10 Things That Will Make OR Break Your Marketing

The top 10 list of things you should do to make your internet marketing succeed. Covering topics such as inbound marketing, targeted buyers personas and content strategy.

Get More Chances with Your Customers Using Google AdWords

Remarketing If you are not using Remarketing for your Google AdWords you may be missing a great marketing opportunity

Google AdWords Audit

Your complete guide to how to conduct a Google AdWords PPC Audit. See how you can save money on your advertising budget by auditing your campaigns.

5 Easy Steps To Improve Your Branding Online

Improve your branding with these easy steps. Create great content, use social to share your content, combine SEO and PPC for additional exposure, collect contact information and leverage email campaigns for a second chance to reach out to visitors that did not convert on their first visit.

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