What Does Your Google AdWords Quality Score Really Mean?

By Laura Kimball | Paid Search Campaign Performance

Aug 03

You may ask yourself why should I be so concerned about my quality score? You may be thinking you just create a campaign and see if it works. That may be fine for some folks but for the majority of us who are concerned with where our marketing budgets are going we need more information to get it right. In short your quality score determines how much you pay for a click! A quality score is determined based upon several factors and can have a substantial impact on how much you pay per click as well as whether your ad is eligible to be served. Your account history has an overall impact so it is essential that you maintain high standards.

Understanding what goes into the score is the first step in improving your overall rating and saving yourself a lot of wasted money.



Click Through Rates (CTR)Not only is your keyword click through rate important but your overall account history is also taken into consideration as well as your past URL’s CTR’s.

Ad Copy to Keyword RelevanceIn other words relevance is rated on a full cycle on how relevant your keyword is to your ads as well as the relevancy to what the customer searched for.

Landing Page Relevance and ExperienceThis means how well you have designed your landing page for navigation and how relevant the content being displayed is to the keyword and ad.

Numerous Other FactorsThere are several miscellaneous factors that also come into play mainly focused on how you compare against others in categories such as geographic, network, and targeted devices.

Linking  Elements For Success

quality_score_relationshipKeywords – monitor your keyword performance reports to see what themes achieve the highest ROI’s. Continually test keyword match types and add new keywords to reveal opportunities to reach your audience.

Ads – continually test at least 2 ads for any given ad group, keeping the best performing ads while rotating new ads into the testing mix. Ads that have a higher CTR will improve your quality scores and will reduce your CPC saving you money.

Landing Pages – Conversion Rates and Quality Scores should be tested. Simple A/B testing of landing pages for such items as form placement left vs. right can make a significant difference in how a page performs. Colors, images, and headlines should also have a place in your testing patterns.

qualityscore2Improving your quality scores should include a plan to monitor your changes over time. Every change you introduce should have a positive impact.

This can vary substantially depending on the change but it should always lead to an increase in your ‘QS’ which will in turn improve your performance and reduce the amount of money spent per click.

For more information you can get the complete free guide to “Perking Up Your Quality Scores”.




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