Finding Your Audience

By Laura Kimball | Ad Management

Aug 17

Your first challenge in finding your audience it to define your typical customer, while this may sound easy at first glance there are several details that are often omitted when profiling your target audience. The most typical approach is to go for the most generic pool, while this provides a higher number of potential customers it may not be the most efficient use of your marketing budget. The more granular you are able to define a users preferences and behaviors the more opportunity you have to convert them to a sale.

Start by evaluating your existing customers, find out who you are really selling to and what makes them unique. Answer how your solution is solving their problems and use that to your benefit. Identify demographics, by answering where they are located, what is their average age, and many other details such as income levels. Then move into the details of attitude and taste preferences that often times dictate buying decisions. Fill in the details of how they usually make their purchases and where they like to buy answering questions like, do they read the newspaper or search online.  Hobbies or interests are a great place to start if it ties into your product. Think of all the details that apply to you specifically.

Once you have an accurate view of your customers it will help determine the best places to attract additional buyers as well as lending to the production of effective messaging. Make sure to incorporate your findings into your strategy and create campaigns that compliment your findings.


About the Author

Laura Kimball is the CEO of Click Measure Media. She combines internet marketing with software development expertise to deliver PPC automation tools designed to save ad buyers time and money managing their campaigns. Follow on Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn