Did Your New Year’s Resolution List Include Saving Money on Your Advertising Costs?

By Laura Kimball | Ad Strategy

Jan 22

Typical New Year’s Resolutions include the same old topics such as save money, get organized, lose weight, you get the picture. However, most people fail to uphold those promises so hopefully made on the first. Approximately one third will go by the wayside by the end of January and most will be forgotten by the end of the year. All the best intentions lost somewhere during those 365 days until you revisit the list on the next holiday, real life has a way of getting in the way of meeting our goals. We can help keep you on track with at least a few of those possible resolutions.

Saving money on your advertising cost while still receiving quality clicks can be a challenge for even the most savvy of marketer. Simply buying cheaper clicks from alternative sources may not always result in the best conversions. Specifically when it comes to paid search advertising saving money can be as simple as improving your quality score, expanding your keyword list, or optimizing your keyword list with proper match types and creating negative keywords to exclude search queries that limit your conversions. It’s simple when you focus on the task of optimization, you then get the same quality clicks while paying less which greatly improves your advertising ROI.

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