Determine Effective Keywords

By Laura Kimball | Ad Management

Aug 17

Selecting a keyword strategy can be a very challenging process. Creating the most effective blend of long-tail keywords versus broad terms depends greatly on your overall business objective. While generic keywords can drive large amounts of traffic, the actual users may not be as qualified as specific combination keyword terms. First, let us look at some examples, more specifically the type of user most likely to click on each type of term.

Consider the term “used cars” for a moment. A person searching for that term may be looking for a used car dealership to purchase a vehicle, a repair shop, or even insurance and may be anywhere in the buying cycle. There is very little information to reveal the intent of the search.

In comparison, a person who searches “2008 Toyota Corolla transmission repair Manhattan Beach CA” tells us that a person owning a specific vehicle is looking for a local mechanic to perform a certain type of service. If you happen to be offering that service, buying keyword terms that apply to your specialty can generate very qualified traffic.

Now we will compare the cost of each type of keyword buy. Generic keywords can come with a hefty price tag but usually have plenty of available inventory to purchase. Long-tail keywords tend to cost less but also have fewer searches associated with the term, which can create a shortage of traffic. This means that coming up with multiple sets of keywords will be required to get the necessary volume.
Once you are able to hone in on terms that work expanding the campaign with variations is a simple task. Considering the cost of specific, multi-word phrases is usually substantially less in comparison with generic terms the effort can be well worth it to both your bottom line in CPC reductions while still demonstrating a much higher conversion rate improving your ROI.


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