5 Reasons You May be Losing Your Website Visitors

By Laura Kimball | Search Engine Marketing

Mar 06

You work really hard to get visitors to your website but are you making the most of their visit? Website optimization should be a big part of your business. Odds are you spend a fair amount of effort in generating traffic but are you really investing in user experience once they have arrived. If you are looking to solve the biggest problems with losing a visitor once they have arrived here is a quick list of the most common causes of website abandonment that may help you get your website in tip top shape.

Why Are You Losing Your Website Visitors?


Problem #1: Relevance 

They did not get what they came for

Solution:Make sure your promotional efforts are focused on driving the right traffic.  If you are promoting “The Best Cookies in South Bay” never take them to a page that offers healthy vegi snacks. This may seem simple enough, however it is probably the most common mistake.

Your page should have a theme, remember just one! Stay focused on that one message throughout the entire page. Keep it relevant and consistent!

Problem #2: Your Story

Your story did not resonate with the user

Solution: Your story should solve the user’s problem not hit them with a list of features.  Tell your story in a clear and concise manner that is easy to understand. Don’t try to impress the visitor with your use of industry buzz words or complicated explanations.  You should not be vague or use words that may be misinterpreted.

The perfect story shows the user how you can solve their specific problem.  If you show them how you can make their life easier you have shown them value.

Problem #3: Design

They did not find your site visually appealing

Solution: Design should consider a variety of aspects such as color, navigation, page length, clutter, and visitor flow just to mention a few. A good design should be both visually appealing and functional. Visitors will look and then read. Your design should draw the user in instantly and then gently nudge them in the right direction.

Use your images wisely. Images can be very a valuable use of real estate. Make sure that your image conveys the right message and aligns with your intention. Don’t use too many images that distract from  your main goal.

Problem #4: Layout and Navigation 

The user got lost in the clutter and could not find what they were looking for

Solution: Clutter is your main enemy. For example if you have ever put your house up for sale the first think your realtor will tell is to remove all unnecessary items. To show your house in the best light it should be clean and open. They call this staging and you should apply the same principles to your website layout.

Once you clean up your layout make sure that your navigation is in order. The one single job of your navigation is to make it easy for your visitor to find what they are looking for. You should keep it standard issue here, don’t make people guess. Navigation should never be confusing.

Problem #5: Missing Next Steps 

If your visitor has not left for the previous 4 reasons there is one critical item left on your list and that is for them to take action.

Solution: You must give the user something to do. Have a clear call to action. If you can’t answer the question of what it is they should do next you have a little work to do.  Your call to action should naturally take the user to the next step. If your copywriting and layout have done their job the user should be ready and eager to take that action.

Your call to action should stand out. Make sure that the user can find and identify with the CTA.  Your label should be intuitive and designed in a way that stands out from the rest of the page.


There are many ways to improve your website. If you begin by discovering the obstacles your user has experienced and work towards removing those hurdles your website will be a friendly place for all. Your conversions will increase and you will be on your way to enjoying more customers.


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