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Ad Groups

Ad Group Organization

Ad groups are a way to organize groups within your campaign. Each group should stay consistent with one and only one topic, theme or product. Use multiple ad groups to organize your ads and keywords into groups that demonstrate exactly what you are trying to convey.

This is a concept that advertisers often dismiss either by lack of knowledge or by not following the theme over time. It is essential that you maintain the concept from beginning to end.

  • Keywords - Your ad group should contain 10 - 20 closely related keywords.
  • Ads - Each ad group should contain at least 2 ads. You should consistently rotate and test ads to determine which ones have the best performance.

Ad Group Settings

At this time most Ad Group Settings are inherited from the Campaign Settings with the main exception being device bid modifiers. Depending upon your campaign settings and Network Type of Search or Display you may see some differences.

Bid Modigiers at the Ad Group Level can include the following:

Bid adjustments are based upon a percentage of your original bid. You can adjust a bid from -90% to +900% at the Campaign level or for any Ad Group targeting. Device adjustments can be from -90% - +300% or -100% to opt out.

Ad Group Bid Adjustment Options

The key point here is relevance in everything you do!

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