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How to Use Google AdWords Ad Extensions to Improve Your Ad Rank

Why should you use Ad Extensions?

You have probably heard recently that Google added Ad Extensions and Formats as part of their ad rank which now makes it essential for you to implement extensions as part of your campaigns. Winning an ad placement went from Quality Score + Bid = WIN to Quality Score + Bid + Impact of Extensions = WIN

So where do you start? You need to create a variety of extensions in your campaigns and Google will pick which ones to use depending on what they believe will have the most impact. Keep in mind not all positions will include an extension, typically only above search results which tend to have a higher CPC to begin with.

First here is a breakdown of Ad Extensions:

Ad Extensions
Locations You can link a Google Places address or create an address manually.
Call Add a phone number for your campaign or ad group. You can also select all devices, Desktop and Tablets or Mobile devices only. If you want to use call reporting you must use a Google Forwarding Number (Google Voice).
Sitelinks You can create up to 20 custom links by defining the link text and destination. Example: Home, Stores, On Sale, Support, Products, About Us.
Social Add A Google+ page.
Dynamic Search This extension uses your website content to target your ads.
Mobile Applications Target either Google Play or Apple App Store to promote your application.
Reviews Promote third party review links.

Ad extensions can be combined to show within any eligible ad.


Sitelinks allow you to create your own custom links.

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